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Wire Taps: Nationals get well-deserved day off; more Bryce Harper suspension hot takes

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before you realize there is no game tonight and panic because no baseball...

Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

After taking the first two of three with the Giants in AT&T Park, the Nationals wrapped up their three-game set in San Francisco with a 3-1 win on Wednesday night, completing the sweep.

Pace yourself today, there is no Nationals baseball, so these links have to last you until tomorrow morning. SLOW DOWN!!

Here’s the news from San Francisco. Don’t call it “Frisco”:


Max Scherzer, Ryan Zimmerman lead Nationals to sweep of Giants
"Something comes over him on nights like these, when he has that special stuff, when nine innings feel like a reasonable day’s work..."

Dusty Baker invites Willie Mays to clubhouse
"Hall of Famer Willie Mays paid a visit to the Nationals' clubhouse prior to Wednesday's game against the Giants, at the invite of manager Dusty Baker."

Nationals release reliever Joe Nathan
The veteran reliever, pitching to a 6.19 ERA in Syracuse, asked for his release.

Matt Williams has the world’s most boring take on the Bryce Harper-Hunter Strickland brawl
"If you ask Matt Williams about the exciting Bryce Harper kerfuffle, he will attempt to explain that what happened was, if you really break it down, [zzzzzzz]."


Thank you, Nationals, for not giving in to baseball's stupid unwritten rules
It finally happened. Somebody held a silly grudge (for three years), started drama on the diamond, and the other team didn’t retaliate.

Is Michael Taylor Good Enough For Nats To Avoid Making A Trade?
"The Nationals are a 'now' team, and they cannot afford to give regular playing time to a young outfielder, no matter how good his tools, with a .644 OPS in slightly fewer than 800 big-league plate appearances."

"‘Awesome’: Bryce Harper-Hunter Strickland brawl met with approval by Cubs’ Jake Arrieta"
"But to Arrieta, it was all good. 'I don’t think anybody is right or wrong,' Arrieta said on 670 The Score. 'I thought it was awesome.'"

Orioles' Buck Showalter On Basebrawls: Maybe Players Should Be Suspended For Stupidity
"'You'd like at some point [to see] guys get suspended, and the reason being given is stupidity,' Showalter said. 'Some of it, you shake your head.'"

Houston Astros, Washington Nationals may have insurmountable leads for division titles
"Heading into play on Wednesday, the Astros hold an 11-game advantage in the AL West, while the Nationals are 8 1/2 games clear of their nearest competitor in the NL East."

Brandon Watson, des Expos à la boxe
"Repêché par l’organisation des Expos en 1999, Brandon Watson n’a jamais eu la chance de jouer à Montréal. Le voltigeur évoluait au niveau AAA à Edmonton lors de la dernière saison des Expos."