Random Draft Thoughts (from a completely unknowledgable source)

All of the prospect lists show a lot of 1B ranked highly ... which basically never get drafted high. I wonder if this bodes well for the Nats as it actually is one of the weakest positions throughout the organization (I'm obviously perfectly happy with Zim, but who's next in 2-3 years? Only Ward gives me any inkling that he could be a starting 1B in the show ... and that's certainly no guarantee).

Like with every year for the past 2-4 years, I'd love for a high-ceiling lefty starter (after Gio in a year, we don't really have anyone ... Luzardo).

The organizational SP depth certainly took a hit

With all of the issues this year (and say the past 6 really), a high-powered college closer who could make it to the show in a year or two and be closing in 2-4 isn't a terrible pick if it hits.

Those are some general are some specific players, I've noticed in rankings.

Jake Bruger - One of the better college bats who doesn't currently play 1B. Granted he'd most likely immidiately move from 3B to 1B in professional ball but he has the hit tools ... despite what some scouts don't love the natural 'look'. See Hunter Pence (one of my all-time favorites -after he left PHI), but hefty (ala Schwarber).

Alex Faedo - A Florida Gator. You know our scouts are very familiar with that team/pitching. Of course after last year, I guess everyone was. He has two solid pitches and is coming off an injury -which we haven't shied away from.

David Peterson - Teh elusive lefty SP. And a big boy at that (6'6", 240). Too big? We haven't had many guys that big I can think of. JZim, and...?

DL Hall - Might be the top high school lefty pitcher. Played in some big time programs in GA.

Evan White - An athletic college 1B, one of the few who may be able to change positions. But his bat (best case scenario) is apparently Eric Hosmer/Mark Grace type with high BA and low (corner) power.

Tanner Houck - Went to Mizzou, has drawn comparisons to Max Scherzer in high school even before he committed to the same school. I like the sound of that. But apparently, doesn't have the cleanest delivery (3/4 arm slot).

Keston Hiura - An injury candidate from UCIrvine. He's DHd but can hit. Though has serious strikeout issues in college...which is a big red flag if you ask me.

Seth Romero - Kicked off his college team (hmmm...Houston). But a lefty, hmmm. Also, a big boy (6'3", 240) who has had conditioning issues. Teams have said won't touch him in st round bc of makeup concerns...but they dont say it bc of talent. ould be a moneyball/value kind of pick that I wouldn't put past Rizzo.

Trevor Rogers - Really I just included him bc I always root for kids from New Mexico where I grew up...and he's a lanky, projectable lefty (6'6", 185 with long arms)

Logan Warmouth - seems like one of those jack of all-trades college middle infielders (think Pedroia, Bergman, etc. but without the fanfare).

Matt Sauer - big projectable righty with some gas...and a hot prospect according to the talk. But some say he'd make a great reliever...which isn't something I'd want to draft from a high schooler.

Nick Allen - Apparently loved by scouts, except he's a wee little guy. 5'8"Tough to buy into that from a high school kid in the first couple of rounds.

QUenten Holmes - A NE high school kid, who is apparently really fast.

Tristen Lutz - One of the better high school bats, but likely a corner OF eventually moving to 1B.

Nate Pearson - a Juco relivere who hits 100 and put up video game #s. Could be that, lets draft a RP who gets there quick.

Brendon Little - A JuCo lefty who pitched only 4 inning at UNC his Frosh year is a power arm from the left side but with very little recorded track record. If our scouts saw his potential more than others ... maybe.

Jeter Downs - From the same high school as Gio, named after Derek Jeter.

Heliot Ramos - Top Puerto Rican high school prosepct, which has had some high highs recently. But he's not at that level. Though he has power/speed combo.

Wil Crowe - S Carolina SP who fits exactly the Nats injured stud profile. Was considered a first-round talent and needed TJ in 2015. 'Joe Blanton comparisons'

Steven Jennings - An athletic righty who hurt himself playing football and missed a lot of the showcases. So a scout will have to have seen him and vouch strongly for him.

Evan Skoug - TCU catcher was drafted by the Nats despite a strong college commitment. Maybe we revist in round 2? Not necessarily expected to stick behind the plate.

Kevin Merrell - An improving college (USF) bat at SS who has gamechanging speed. Something about him seems like a poor man's Trea to me in the two articles I read.

Tristan Beck - Due to my old man, I'll always root for a Stanford pitcher (hi Drew Stroen). But the first Stanford frosh to start opening day since (future HOFer) Mike Mussina in 1988. And THEN he had a stress fracture (back). I HATE that it was the back and not foot or something. But STanford + injured stud pitcher (Nats MO) I am a big fan of this kid.

Stuart Fairchild - Another former Nats draftee out of WA state in high school, but he's a smart kid and went to Wake. Power/Speed combo currently in center with enough holes that he could still be there for our second pick.

Gavin Sheets - A Fairchild teammate at Wake, he might be the best left handed power bat in the draft (but is it strength and not bad speed/skill?)

Mark Vientos - "Has drawn some Mike Morse high school comparisons" -big SS

Daniel Tilo - A JuCo lefty who pitched sparingly as a frosh (at Kentucky). Could be a bit of a sleeper.

Peter Solomon - The Notre Dame pitcher was a Batlimore highschool, so maybe some familiarity. He is a bit skinnny (6'4", 190) but throws hard (96), but is wild and wasn't a full time starter.

Garret CAve - One of those possible college closers that could be quick to the show, if he improves command on his gas

Bryce Montes de Oca - Another Mizzou pitcher. This one has has multiple injuries (scary, but Nats profile) who approaches 100mph.

Kevin Smith - The UMaryland SS.

Joe Perez - High school pitcher schedueld for TJ (also projected as a ~8th round hitter) who knows exactly where. But an over slot 3rd round? Underslot 2nd?

Morgan Cooper - UTexas pitcher was a former 34th round Nats draft pick in 15 (after TJ surgery)

Michael Bauman - Four-pitch pitcher from Murph's alma mater, Jacksonville.

Ernie Clement - An underrated, undersized jack of all trade speedster who projects as a high obp, super Util guy from UVirginia.

Jacob Gonzalez - Luis Gonzalez's son out of Scottsdale. He's jacked (jealous high school kids in AZ say maybe goes 'to the same "trainer" his dad did late in his career

Steven Williams - One of the most projectable HS bats. Currently a C out of Georgia.

Hunter Ruth - A baseball name and top draft pick (rnd 2), until he got hurt pitching in high school in FL. A Nats sleeper a la Luzardo (but righty)? Though slightly jerky delivery may be cause for the all-world health dept the Nats claim to provide.

Brenden Murphy - Big lefty high schooler from CHI signed to ASU

Lincoln Henzman - Louisville closer, possible quick to the bigs reliver.

Riley Thomson - Another Louisville reliever with major arm issues (past) trying to regain control. But near 100 heat from right side

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