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Just move, Alan Porter: Nationals’ second baseman Daniel Murphy gets cursed at by umpire...

Who [expletive deleted] in Alan Porter’s cereal? Daniel Murphy and the umpire had a heated exchange in last night’s game.

UMP SHOW: Don't ask this ump to move

Daniel Murphy had three hits in last night's game, but umpire Alan Porter's embarrassing antics are the internet's favorite thing today:

‎Posted by Federal Baseball: For Washington Nationals fans on‎ יום רביעי 14 יוני 2017

Just [expletive deleted] move, Alan Porter. I mean, seriously, what the [expletive deleted]. Oh, [expletive deleted] me? [Expletive deleted] you!

During the second inning of last night’s game, with a runner on second, and one out, and Tyler Flowers at the plate, Daniel Murphy asked second base ump Alan Porter if he’d move from his position behind the mound, to the left of Murphy on the infield grass, and Porter refused to move, leading to a heated exchange between the two.

But seriously, Alan, you’re kind of in the way...

Murphy wasn’t happy. Porter wasn’t happy. In fact, Porter had some choice words for the Nationals’ second baseman. WARNING: NSFLR (Not Safe For Lip Readers):

This continued on for way longer than it should have. MASN’s F.P. Santangelo chimed in, giving what he imagined was Murphy’s side of the argument.

“The umpire usually acquiesces, because it’s a little more important where I stand on defense than where you stand as an umpire, trust me and that’s [what] that beef is about.”

“I’ve never seen an umpire stand his ground,” Santangelo added.

“They’re always like, ‘Yeah, I’ll move for you, where do you want me to go, F.P.,’ they’ve always done that.”

After Porter’s R-rated retort, Santangelo was still in shock.

“What an attitude from Alan Porter, did you see that.”

Our favorite part of the exchange?

Ryan Zimmerman’s reenactment of his own involvement when he chimed in with something like, “Just move!” and got yelled at by Porter too.

Murphy downplayed the incident after the game, telling reporters, as quoted by MASN’s Mark Zuckerman that it was behind everyone soon after it ended.

“Alan and I talked,” Murphy said. “I think we both understand we’ve got a job to do, and we were both able to discuss and work through that. By the end of the game, there were no problems whatsoever. I don’t foresee there being any problems in the future, either.”

Dusty Baker told reporters he didn’t understand Porter’s stance.

“Yeah, Murphy had asked him to move because he didn’t want to get blocked if a ball was hit to his right, and for some reason he refused to move. I don’t understand it, I’m sure he had a reason, but he didn’t give that reason to Murph.”

Next time, how about you just move, Alan?