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Watch Bryce Harper demolish another baseball for early lead over the Mets...

Bryce Harper’s 17th HR of the season was his hardest hit of the Statcast era and it’s worth a look...

Is there anything more fun than watching Bryce Harper demolish fastballs? If there is, it’s watching Bryce Harper destroy fastballs from New York Mets’ pitchers.

Harper got the Washington Nationals’ four-game set in Citi Field off to a good start with a solo HR off Mets’ righty Robert Gsellman, whose 3-1 sinker did. not. sink.

Harper unloaded on the pitch and sent a screamer out to right that hit the seats so hard it bounced back into the field of play.

Take a look for yourself:

According to Statcast, the exit velo on Harper’s 17th of 2017 was 116.3 mph, which’s Andrew Simon noted was the hardest-hit homer in Harper’s career.

Go ahead, watch it again: