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Nationals’ Max Scherzer and wife expecting a baby girl in November...


C/o @emaysway on Twitter -

Earlier this morning, Erica May Scherzer — wife of Max — announced that she and Max would be expecting a baby girl, arriving this November.

Hypothetically, the baby could be coming directly after a World Series run for the Nats (in which Max Scherzer will obviously win MVP), but given that the baby will be a girl, naming her for the player with the game-winning hit may not fly, and giving the child the middle name “National” isn’t exactly the nicest welcome-to-the-world gift.

So, a few questions: Max’s condition that leads his eyes to be different colors, heterochromia iridum, is genetic... Will there be another Scherzer with the same condition coming around the corner?

Also, one can only assume that this baby will inherit Max’s 98 MPH fastball and killer curveball directly out of the gate. For the family’s sake, one can only hope that she doesn’t inherit Max’s, er...., unique vocabulary.

In all seriousness, congratulations to the Scherzers, and hopefully the newest Scherzer will be able to don a World Series Champions hat in the first weeks of her life (as Toby Ziegler can attest, babies do come with hats).