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Wire Taps: Launch angle talk; Nationals shouldn’t push luck with Koda Glover; Anthony Rendon best un-talked about player

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of this weekend’s three-game set with the A’s...

MLB: Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants Andrew Villa-USA TODAY Sports

If you hate off days, I have good news for you: The Nationals don’t have another off day for 20 days. 20 straight games. Twenty. Whoof.

Here’s the latest from Oakland...

It's not just Ryan Zimmerman that's obsessed with launch angle
April, if you recall, was a barrage of "Ryan Zimmerman has changed his launch angle and is suddenly incredible" articles. As it turns out, that's what most guys in the majors are shooting for. Plus: Graphics, charts, and Josh Donaldson quotes!

What, exactly, is Koda Glover's out pitch? And what's up with Baker's contract?
Plus: Should this guy get a bear tattoo? And why didn't the Nationals re-sign Jordan Zimmermann?

It looks like the Nats have lucked out with Koda Glover. They shouldn't push it.
Glover has looked great in the closer's role. For the purposes of having a really strong bullpen, the Nationals should still go out and get another closer (or two) and not overwork Glover so he can pitch in October.

Should Nats be concerned about Harper’s dropoff?
Plus, should we expect Matt Albers and Michael A. Taylor to revert back to their career numbers?

Anthony Rendon is still the best major league player that exactly nobody talks about
Rendon likes being out of the spotlight. His high-quality defense and hitting should put him in the spotlight (he still isn't, though).

Daniel Murphy and the never-ending pursuit of the perfect swing
Daniel Murphy can rattle off more facts about ground balls and fly balls than most guys that have FanGraphs as their homepage. He's obsessive, knows what he's doing, and most importantly, he gets hits.

In which Willie Mays asks Max Scherzer to get him a hot dog
Willie Mays does not care if you are starting that day or not, nor does he care if you’ve won the Cy Young award (twice! in both leagues!). He wants his hot dog, and he wants it now.