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Caption This: Jayson Werth on the phone in the Nationals’ dugout

“I have an exciting offer for you — send us three great relievers, and we’ll send you literally anything you want!”

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In the bottom of the third inning, an error on the part of Chicago Cubs’ second baseman Tommy La Stella pulled first baseman Anthony Rizzo off the first base bag, allowing Nationals’ shortstop Trea Turner to score. Ryan Zimmerman, who was on first at the time of the throw, attempted to break for third, where he was thrown out by a few steps.

However, both clubs (the Cubs and Nats) doubted that both calls (Rizzo was off the base, Zimmerman was out at third) were correct.

The Cubs almost immediately challenged.

The Nationals, however, were less sure, and couldn’t decide to challenge, so they went to the clubhouse where someone could watch the replay.

Normally, it’s bench coach Chris Speier’s job to make the call. However, Jayson Werth, who currently resides on the disabled list, didn’t have much else to do, so...

Now that we have the setup, it’s time for the question: what’s the best caption for this photo/GIF?

Leave your answer in the comments, send them to us on Twitter or on Facebook, and we’ll put up a post with a few of our favorites.

In the meantime, a few ideas:

  • “Yeah, the food’s not that good here, but hey, that’s what you get for going 105 on the Beltway.”
  • “Look, no, the GLUTEN FREE beer, not the the DAIRY FREE — why is there dairy in the — never mind, just get the beer.”
  • “Yeah, I find that the memory foam pillows really help alleviate the toe pain.”

If you have a better idea (and you almost assuredly do), let us know!