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Washington Nationals’ lineup for series opener in St. Louis: Who’s leading off?

Washington Nationals’ skipper Dusty Baker’s first lineup after Trea Turner’s wrist injury has Brian Goodwin leading off vs the Cardinals.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Rendon has the patience, and on-base skills to fill the leadoff role. GM Mike Rizzo, as noted in an article on FBB yesterday on Brian Goodwin, talked up the 2011 first-round pick’s skills as a potential future leadoff man shortly after the Nationals took Goodwin that June.

“He's a guy with five tools,” Rizzo said. “We see him as a top of the order table-setter with some power. He's got surprising pop in his bat, he's a plus plus runner, plus plus defensive player, we think he can hit at the top of the order and lead off.

“He's shown a propensity to have a high on-base percentage, and he's a guy who's not afraid to take a walk and steal a base. He's your prototypical speedy, defensive, top-of-the-order center field prospect."

One of those two 2011 Nationals’ first round picks could fill that role over the coming months.

Anthony Rendon has a .298/.402/.558 line on the year, and more walks than Ks on the season (44/43). Rendon could fit in just fine up top with Adam Eaton (knee) and Trea Turner (fractured wrist) now unavailable.

Goodwin, .269/.347/.529, 13 walks, 30 Ks, is just getting going as a major league hitter, and Dusty Baker has liked what he’s seen from the 26-year-old, who’s finally getting an extended shot in the majors.

Jayson Werth (.262/.367/.446, 27 BB, 43 Ks), when he returns, could bring his patience and willingness to take pitches and walks to the top of the order.

What will Baker do for now in the immediate aftermath of Turner’s injury? Please don’t have Michael A. Taylor lead off. Please. He’s doing so well in the eight spot over the last few weeks. Please.

[ed. note - “I know, I know, a leadoff hitter only leads off once per game, usually, lineup construction is relatively inconsequential, etc. Stop yelling at us!”]

What’s Baker going to do in Game 1 post-Turner injury? Let’s look together...