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Game 55 WPA HOT TAKE: The bullpen is still a little shaky. Nats beat As 11-10.

Pitching was sufficient, because the bats were ridonkulus.

Washington Nationals v Oakland Athletics
He even drew a walk!
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Image courtesy Fangraphs.

(What do these graphs and percentages mean?)

  • He could teach other back-of-the-rotation guys a thing or two: Tanner Roark (-16.1%) gives up 4 runs over 7 2/3 IP with 3 Ks and a walk, which was a better outing than the WPA hamsters would have you believe.
  • Don’t swing for the fences: Trea Turner (+54.3%) triples in a pair of runs to put the Nats ahead from behind in the 6th (+29.6%).
  • The sound of one hand calculating WPA: Brian Goodwin (-17.7%) hits a sac fly to put the Nats up by 2 in the 6th, and the WPA hamsters find that the out exactly balances the run (+0.0%).
  • Stat-padders: Trea Turner steals second (+4.3%) after singling to lead off the aeyth (+6.9%), then he leads a double steal (+11.0%) after Bryce Harper (+4.8%) gets an intentional walk (+2.4%)
  • THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! Ryan Zimmerman (+23.2%) looks like the Zim of Auld, crushing a three-run jack down the line in left to put the Nats ahead in the ayeth (+25.1%).
  • More stat-padders: Matt Wieters (+9.6%) hits a meaningless two-run bomb out to right-center in the 9th (+4.5%), then Michael Taylor (+0.7%) goes back-to-back with a solo blast to left to get in on the junk-timing (+0.7%).
  • Not even worth mentioning: Daniel Murphy (-12.5%) feels compelled to single in another pair of meaningless 9th-inning runs for the eventual winning margin, like the selfish, stat-obsessed player he is (+0.4%).
  • Bullpen troubles, solved! Koda Glover (-3.2%) doesn’t even get a meltdown for getting the last out in the aeyth and then letting in a run in the 9th and leaving with the bases loaded without getting another out. Shawn Kelley (+8.2%) earns a shutdown by cannily inducing a rally-killing grand slam when he comes on to clean up Glover’s mess, getting three quick outs shortly afterward.

This WPA brought to you by 75 years ago today: