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Wire Taps: Max Scherzer a bargain; Anthony Rendon snubbed; Clayton Kershaw tips cap to Scherzer...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before Max Scherzer starts in the All-Star Game tonight...

MLB: All Star Game-Batting Practice Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Aaron Judge... future National? You heard it here first.

Here’s the latest from Marlins Park.

Max Scherzer: Somehow, a $210 million bargain
Scherzer's contract, the largest in Nationals history and the largest ever for a free-agent pitcher, has already been worth every penny and then some.

Anthony Rendon most obvious snub in All-Star Game
Bryce Harper said it best, plain and simple. Of Rendon: "He should be the starting third baseman for the National League."

A look at the Nats' All-Stars in the minors
Victor Robles is the most well-known name, but many players, from Andrew Stevenson to Blake Perkins, received All-Star honors of sorts.

Livan Hernandez files for bankruptcy
Livan Hernandez, who threw out the first pitch for the Nationals in RFK stadium and was part of the club as recently as 2011, owes up to $1 million to as many as 50 creditors in addition to back taxes to the IRS.

At the All-Star Game, it's all homers, all the time
With the help of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and maybe even the baseballs themselves, the home run has overtaken the sport of baseball once again.

Ryan Zimmerman's long road back to the All Star Game
Zimmerman went from a superstar to an afterthought in a matter of seasons. Now, he'll get back to one of the biggest stages in baseball, but this time, with a wife, kids, and all the love in the world from his family.

Sale, Scherzer both slated to start All-Star Game
Both will be starting for the second time in their careers.

Kershaw tips cap to Scherzer, says Scherzer earned start
Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer have almost no gap between their ERAs, innings pitched, win-loss record. One got to start, and the other was just fine with that.

Statistics can't quite measure Ryan Zimmerman's resurgence
Zimmerman, after having a chip on his shoulder for so long, after having so much faith held in him by the Nats organization and front office, has finally, finally, broken through yet again.

Harper assures that he'll participate in 2018 Home Run Derby
Harper said that if he made the team, he'd be part of the derby at Nationals Park.

Strasburg says he's good to pitch in the All-Star Game
As far as he's concerned, Strasburg thinks he'd be ready if he was handed the ball tonight. As for Dusty Baker, well...

Bryce Harper's hair is as much of an all-star as he is
Lose the helmet, flip the hair, impress the masses.

Tonight: MLB All Star Game, 8:00 PM (FOX)