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Wire Taps: Daniel Murphy’s contract best in baseball; Bryce Harper wants ASG draft; Max Scherzer grunts...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in baseball action, with the Nationals in the ASG and more... but take it slow, there’s 48 hours without baseball coming...

MLB: All-Star Game Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Unsurprisingly, the All-Star Game in Marlins Park, the most prolific pitcher’s ballpark in the country, took extra innings to finish, and ended with a low score. Go figure!

In other news, we’re officially in trade season. In other other news, the next All-Star Game will be played at Nationals Park.

Looking ahead to the future: here are the Wire Taps.

Daniel Murphy's contract is the best deal in baseball
$12.5 million a year is cheap for a free agent. It's especially cheap for 5+ WAR every year.

Max Scherzer, believe it or not, isn't the first D.C. pitcher to start the All-Star Game
Walt Masterson? Who? (Apparently, he was really good in 1947. Go figure.)

A video of all of Max Scherzer's grunts, because why not
Thanks, Deadspin??

Harper pitches idea of All-Star draft
Bryce Harper really wants to team up with Mookie Betts or Aaron Judge, and face Max Scherzer -- but only for one night. How do we do that? Easy: change the format of the All-Star Game.

Bryce Harper dresses up like he's ready to star in a "Miami Vice" remake
I'm hoping that nobody is actually reading this description and will ignore the fact that I have never seen nor have any idea of what Miami Vice is about

Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner, once together as above-average Mets, are lighting the world up far from New York
Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner both enjoyed good, not great careers with the New York Mets. With the Nats and Dodgers respectively, they're MVP candidates.