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It was Bryce Harper’s night at the All-Star Game

Before the second-half officially starts a look back at the 2017 ASG: Bryce Harper finally had the All-Star Game we’ve been waiting for him to have.

MLB: All-Star Game Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper is historically atrocious in the All-Star Game. Entering Tuesday night, Harper had only one hit in eight appearances in the Midsummer classic.

However, one of the game’s brightest stars was bound to have a breakout All-Star game one of these nights — and the 2017 All-Star game proved to be just that for the young superstar.

Harper’s night started innocently enough with a looping single into left field, on a 98.1 MPH two-seam fastball from the hand of Chris Sale that Harper was able to muscle out of the infield.

Although he didn’t score, he did earn “there goes the no-hitter” honors on the evening for the National League squad.

The 24-year-old’s next moment in the spotlight came almost immediately after his single, with two outs in the top of the second and Salvador Perez at the plate.

Perez lined a fly ball headed for the right field gap with Harper playing back.

Then, the Bryce magic happened, as the right fielder sprinted in, laid out, and made the catch. And then, y’know, flipped his hair, because he’s Bryce Harper.

Harper got one more plate appearance on the day, in the bottom of the fourth against Yankees’ flame-throwing reliever (hello, Mike Rizzo?) Dellin Betances.

The next inning, FOX Sports mic’ed up Harper, who then talked with Joe Buck and John Smoltz about everything from his undershirt preferences to (Redskins fans, avert your eyes and ears) Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys.

Even when he was out of the game, Harper had an influence on the events; After his game-tying home run, Yadier Molina high-fived Harper in the dugout and then attempted to flip his hair (not as majestically, obviously). Not pictured: Murphy FWAHHHing with Molina at the end of the line.

Then, while fully enjoying the amenities of the bench, Harper took a selfie with fellow NL starters Ryan Zimmerman and Marcell Ozuna.

Just watched @yadier_marciano_molina go deep! Wow, what a hitter #NationalLeague

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All in all, not a bad night for Harper. Sure, the NL didn’t come away with the win, but he’s had a nice tremor before the assumed earthquake next season.