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Game 89 WPA HOT TAKE: Gio is good again. Nats beat Reds 5-0

Gio gets 25 outs and allows no runs, and his fellow Nats oblige with run support and some big ol’ Bryce bombs.

Washington Nationals v Cincinnati Reds
Honestly, was even Gio of Auld this good?
Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Image courtesy Fangraphs.

(What do these graphs and percentages mean?)

  • Don’t make me believe in you again: Gio Gonzalez (+27.9%) throws 8 13 innings of shutout, fanning 6 and walking 2. You’re killin’ me, Dusty I was never worried.
  • Small ball: Stephen Drew (+7.9%) singles in a run with two out in the first to give the Nats the early lead (+9.1%), which Anthony Rendon (+10.4%) promptly doubles with an RBI single of his own (+9.0%).
  • Second-half stat-padding: Bryce Harper (+17.6%) lines a two-run shot out to right center in the 3rd (+11.9%), then blasts a monster solo bomb out to center in the 5th (+4.0%).