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Nationals trade for Brandon Kintzler; Twitter reacts...

Minnesota fans are sad to see Brandon Kinztler depart for the District, Nats fans are happy about it, and somewhere in all of this is one hungry rhino.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Nationals fans were left confused and weary as the 4:00 PM deadline came and went without any word of a trade. Then with Stephen Strasburg on the DL, Joe Ross out with Tommy John surgery, an outfield trio of Adam Eaton/Jayson Werth/Michael A. Taylor on the DL, and with Trea Turner on the DL, the Nationals went out and got ... another bullpen arm?

Well, some Twins fans are not happy to see Brandon Kintzler leave:

As speculation of a Kintzler trade grew, it was evident that the bar was low for what they expected in return:

And they will all miss his walk-up music:

Some DC fans were “meh”:

While others celebrated the gains without the loss:

But mostly, we’re just confused:

Even Kinztler himself is still unaware what his role will be:

The real loser in this deal, though, is the rhino who probably didn’t get fully fed because Kintzler had to pack for Miami:

. . .

Audrey Stark is a Contributor at Federal Baseball. You can follow her on Twitter @highstarksunday.