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Wire Taps: Trea Turner throwing again; Actions speak louder than words with Stephen Strasburg injury; Adrian Sanchez finds groove

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of the three-game set with the Giants in the nation’s capital...

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Strickland comes to Nationals Park today.

That is all.

Here’s the beat from Half Street.

Boswell: Three is greater than one for the Nats' bullpen if it adds up to zero
Normally, bullpens are good heading up to the ninth inning, where they become great. World Series bullpens are dominant from the 7th on. The Nationals didn't get a ton of flashy names for the final three innings of their games, but

Trea Turner finally taking real, tangible steps towards return
Trea Turner said that his wrist doesn't hurt at the touch, and an X-ray showed no setbacks, so he's back throwing from shortstop. Next up is hitting (rotational exercises have started, but there's still a ways to go there).

Updates on Murphy, Strasburg, Kendrick, and Taylor
Daniel Murphy is fine (he played last night, so one would hope at least), Howie Kendrick got some more rest for his back, Michael A. Taylor is doing well in Harrisburg, and Stephen Strasburg will throw one more game, either a sim or a rehab start.

Actions spoke louder than words during Strasburg's injury
If the Nats make the move to send Strasburg to a rehab assignment today or tomorrow, we'll know that he's actually okay. Otherwise, the sim game's "success" meant nothing.

After struggling in July, Adrian Sanchez looks like he's found his groove in August
In nine at-bats in August, Sanchez has recorded seven hits -- more than two times more than he had in the entire month of July, and we're barely a week and a half into August.

Did the Nationals win more than two games in Chicago?
The Nats walked into Chicago sporting the most injured and substituted team of the entire season, and then left with two wins. But was there an effect for the Cubs not having seen the Nats' best starting pitchers?

Trea Turner, still waiting to swing, is finally throwing again
Since fracturing his wrist on June 30th, Trea Turner hasn't made super significant progress towards returning to play. He can finally throw the baseball from shortstop, but still isn't hitting yet.

Today’s Game: Giants vs Nationals — 7:05 PM
Probable Pitchers: Chris Stratton vs Edwin Jackson