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Washington Nationals Players Weekend nicknames t-shirt from Breaking T

Our friends at Breaking T just launched their latest Nationals-themed t-shirt which features the Nats’ Fab Five, “Big Kid & Murph & Zim & Stras & Blue Eye.” in a riff on the popular Beatles-themed t-shirt.

Riffing on an idea that Amsterdam-based designers Experimental Jetset popularized with their 2001 Beatles-themed “John & Paul & Ringo & George.” shirt, our friends at Breaking T designed a new Nationals-themed t-shirt for MLB’s Players Weekend.

The inspiration, created by Experimental Jetset for Japanese label 2K/Gingham, sought to, “... strip down the idea of a rock band to a list of four names, in an attempt to reach the essence of a group,” with the first names of the so-called Fab Four (The Beatles - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison).

Get a “Big Kid & Murph & Zim & Stras & Blue Eye.” t-shirt from Breaking T

Who are the Nationals’ John & Paul & Ringo & George + fifth Beatle... [ed. note - “The fifth Beatle is totally George Martin, right? Are you one of the folks who’d say Billy Preston? It was totally George Martin. Who said, ‘Yoko’?”]

Using the nicknames each of the players chose for their Players Weekend jerseys this weekend, we went with the, “Big Kid & Murph & Zim & Stras & Blue Eye.”

Three of the five should be obvious Murph = Daniel Murphy; Zim = Ryan Zimmerman, Stras = Stephen Strasburg...

If you for some reason aren’t able to put the names to the other two nicknames:

Bryce Harper went with “Big Kid” on his jersey, though he, sadly, won’t be in the lineup this weekend as he recovers from the significant bone bruise to his left knee.

“Blue Eye” is of course, Max Scherzer. We’re not sure why Max, who has heterochromia, which simply means “a difference in coloration” of the iris, went with “Blue Eye” since he’s told folks previously that his brown-colored eye was his pitching eye, but it was his choice.

Now you can celebrate Players Weekend, join in on the fun and add another Nationals-themed t-shirt to your collection. Once again our friends at Breaking T have come up with a great design that we’re happy to share with you.

Get a “Big Kid & Murph & Zim & Stras & Blue Eye.” t-shirt from Breaking T