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Wire Taps: Gio Gonzalez should be in Cy Young convo; Erick Fedde velo down but relaxed; How many injuries before Nationals lose division lead?

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of this week’s series with the Marlins...

MLB: Game Two-New York Mets at Washington Nationals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Alright. So, let’s not freak out about Sean Doolittle. He’s allowed to have a bad outing after a long time off. We can worry if it happens again in the next few days. Otherwise, let’s chill. I’m realizing this may be more for me than all of you. Sorry.

Here’s the news from Nats Park.

Gio Gonzalez should absolutely be in the conversation for NL Cy Young
Typically, when one brings up the NL Cy Young, two names come up: Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw. By nearly every stat in the book, Gio Gonzalez should be right there with them. Who's to blame for this change? Would you believe Matt Wieters?

Fedde's velocity down, but feels more comfortable
Despite not getting the results he wanted, Erick Fedde felt more at ease in the big leagues three starts in.

Anthony Rendon is everyone's favorite player, and, frankly, he deserves to be
There's no player on the Nats having a better season, by traditional and non-traditional measurements, than Anthony Rendon -- and probably no player in the National League either. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) for him, not too many people know that little fact.

How many injuries would it take for the Nationals to lose their division leads?
On some insane, dark timeline where literally everyone can no longer play and the Triple-A Nats replace the big-leaguers, the Nats would still somehow crawl their way to a division title.

First game goes slide-ways for Nats, but they hold on for win in nightcap
Edwin Jackson was thrown out by an inch. The second game at least felt like it was decided by that margin.

Captain Obvious gets hit by foul ball due to commitment to character
Extra points, I guess?

Sunday afternoon in Woodbridge
Sure, most of the focus was on the two rehabbers. However, there were some other impressive performances from prospects along the way.

Fedde's velocity down on Sunday, but rookie isn't worried
Fedde, making his third major league start, was only able to bring his fastball up to the low 90s, a sharp drop compared to his previous 94 MPH average velocity over his last two starts.

Today’s Game: Marlins vs Nationals — 7:05 PM
Probable Pitchers: Jose Urena vs Max Scherzer