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Wire Taps: Gio Gonzalez’s change could be more legit than thought; Imagining Giancarlo Stanton on Nationals; Koda Glover progressing in rehab

All the Nationals links we could find, all in one place for your convenience...

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The magic number is below 20! Trea Turner is back! Koda Glover is progressing! Good things are happening, folks!

Here’s the news from Nationals Park.

Contrary to the peripherals, Gio Gonzalez may actually have changed something
Last week, we read a Beyond the Box Score article explaining that Gio may be good (not great) and is enjoying a lucky season. This week, BtBS' Devan Fink explains that the change in Gonzalez's results may actually be due to the softness of the contact he’s allowing, not how lucky he’s getting with the placement of that contact.

Imagining a hypothetical situation where Giancarlo Stanton ends up a Nat
Sure, it would take Victor Robles and Juan Soto. But with Stanton locked up for the next bajillion years, it may just make sense. That is, if the Nats find some more money.

Why is nobody talking about Anthony Rendon as the NL's most valuable player?
Paul Goldschmidt, Corey Seager, and Giancarlo Stanton are names that come to mind when the NL MVP race. Only problem? By WAR, Anthony Rendon is better than all of them, as well as by nearly every advanced (or semi-advanced) statistic.

Houston natives Rendon, Albers struggle with Harvey from afar
Both players are separated from their families, and are agonizing over the largest flood of the decade from afar. (Side note: The two are raising money to help the Houston Food Bank's flood effort. If you want to donate, go here.)

The Nationals are starting to heal, and are beginning to show what they can do when they're all back together
Imagine Max Scherzer, fully healthy, doing Max Scherzer things on the mound. Imagine Jayson Werth leading the clubhouse, hitting bombs, working counts, with Trea Turner back and Bryce Harper soon to follow. Imagine a really, really fun October, perhaps?

Scherzer joins elite group of pitchers with 230+ Ks over first 25 starts
Also in the club: Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and a few other Hall of Famers.

Nats activate Trea Turner after two month absence due to broken wrist
Slowly, but surely, the Nats' lineup is coming together. Jayson Werth? Back. Max Scherzer? Back. Trea Turner? As of last night: BACK.

Tim Raines Sr. enjoys first trip to Nationals Park (and D.C.)
Tim Raines broke a 57-year D.C.-less streak this Monday to come see his name inducted into the Ring of Honor behind home plate honoring former Expos and Washington Senators.

"He's feeling sexy about himself": Scherzer excited to have "Grandpa" Werth back
Jayson Werth was excited to "get the band back together," and Scherzer was excited to be part of the returning band.