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Wire Taps: Who’s up after Erick Fedde for Nationals?; Stephen Strasburg throws bullpen; Dusty Baker mourns Don Baylor

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the second of four with the Marlins in the nation’s capital...

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another early set of Wire Taps. The only remotely plausible prediction for this game is that Scherzer hits a grand slam instead of a three-run home run...

[ed. note - “Scherzer did not hit a grand slam... but the Nationals won.”]

Here’s the news from Nats Park.

With Erick Fedde in the majors, who's next in the Nats' minor-league system?
Giolito, Lopez, Dunning, Luzardo, and anyone else with a remote chance of being valuable have all been traded away. With the only bright spot in the pitching pipeline, well, pitching, who's next?

"All went well" in Strasburg's bullpen session
Dusty Baker went full C.J. Cregg on Monday ("Thomas Boswell won a Pulitzer from the fourth row!"), reading off the list of injury developments on the Nats. Among them was an update on Stephen Strasburg, who pitched a bullpen on Sunday and didn't have any trouble, meaning he could be back soon. (Also, Trea Turner is hitting, and Jayson Werth can run on a treadmill but not on a field.)

Nationals Stephen Strasburg throws in outfield
"Stephen Strasburg continues to take steps toward a return from the disabled list, though it's still unclear how many more steps he has to go."

Baker mourns death of longtime friend Don Baylor
Baker and Baylor's careers mirrored each other's in the Major Leagues, as both opponents and friends. When Baylor passed away on Monday, it took its toll on the Nats' manager.

Don Baylor's death puts Dusty Baker in a reflective mood
“'We fought for batting titles all the way up,' Baker said Monday. 'We played in Puerto Rico together. His first wife picked out my first wife’s engagement ring.""

Dusty Baker remembers Don Baylor, spoke with him recently
"Nationals manager Dusty Baker talked about how his own career paralleled Baylor’s for several seasons, just in opposite leagues. Baylor began his career with the Orioles in 1970."

The good news, the bad news, the good news
The good news is that the bullpen works again. The bad news is that Stephen Strasburg is taking a really long time to come back. The good news is that Max Scherzer is back.

A-Rod annoys Mets fans by comparing Daniel Murphy's performance on Nats to that of Babe Ruth's
The Mets are really good at developing guys that are good when in New York that become great when they go to anywhere else that's not the pits of hell. Thanks, Mets!

Mini-Gio II!

Moore finding new life in Miami
"A year ago, it looked like Tyler Moore’s big-league career might be on its last legs. But the Mississippi State product now feels like he’s in a good spot with the Miami Marlins."

MLB - Fantasy baseball - One widely available hitter to add from each MLB team
"Kendrick hasn't hit over .300 for a season since he was 24, but even though he's suffered through multiple injuries this season, his average hasn't yet dipped below that threshold all year."

Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant wives fuel Harper-to-Cubs rumors
"Bryce Harper and his better half aren’t doing much to defuse those rumors of Cubs interest."