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Washington Nationals’ player nicknames for MLB’s Players Weekend later this month...

MLB Players Weekend later this month will give your favorite MLB stars an opportunity to express themselves at least on the back of their jerseys...

MLB is about to go all XFL... What? No one remembers “He Hate Me” in the XFL?

Coming up on August 25-27, Major League Baseball will celebrate Players Weekend by allowing major league players to don nicknames on the jerseys they’ll be wearing that weekend.

This should be fun. In addition to the nickname jerseys, as’s Jamal Collier noted in an article on the plans for the weekend, “Players also have the opportunity to wear uniquely colored and designed spikes, batting gloves, wristbands, compression sleeves, catcher's masks and bats,” and players, “... will wear specially designed caps by New Era and unique socks from Stance.”

A quick preview, via the Nationals official site:

Not loving the jerseys, honestly, but the nicknames? I might have to order a DOOOOOOOOO No. 62 shirsey right now.

That’s right, they also have shirseys available:

Ant? Is that the best we could come up with for everyone’s favorite third baseman Anthony Rendon?:

This isn’t the best nickname I can think of for Harper, but at least it doesn’t say “Future Cub” or “Future Yankee” on it:

El Lindo? Wilmer Difo’s nickname translates as “Cute” apparently:

Apparently Enny Romero’s nickname is “Hernandez”? Someone will have to explain that one to me... Ahh, according to, Enny’s full name is “Enny Manuel (Hernandez) Romero”:


I kinda think one game of this would be enough as opposed to an entire weekend, but the players also have an opportunity to focus on their charitable efforts according to the report at

“During pregame workouts or postgame interviews,” Collier wrote, “players can wear a T-shirt highlighting a charity or cause of their choice.”

Seems like a great idea. Can we improve on any of the nicknames? Have a favorite? “Blue Eye” for Max Scherzer is another great one:

Also, I hope Uncle “Dirt” comes off the DL soon...