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Wire Taps: Who’s in left for Nationals?; Stephen Strasburg is second ace; Why no news on Dusty Baker?

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of this week’s series with the Braves in ATL.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Today would be a great day to see Max Scherzer re-gain his earlier form. It’s hard to believe, but he’s pitched to a 6.35 ERA in his starts this month, so a confidence booster (mainly for us, not for him) would be delightful. Okay? Okay.

Here’s what’s shaking at Suntrust.

Who should play left for the Nats in the postseason?
Aubrey Stark of BtBS (and Federal Baseball!) looks at the impending logjam the Nats have, assuming Bryce Harper comes back -- namely, should Jayson Werth or Howie Kendrick man left? Well, depends on the starter.

Inbox: Will Victor Robles be part of playoff roster?
Dusty Baker has already told the media that he's considering Robles for a spot in October, but doesn't want him to be lost come next April, and thinks that there still may be more consistent options for the outfield.

Why in the world haven't we heard any news about Dusty Baker, the best Washington manager in history?
The Nationals have never gone to the playoffs twice in a row, always sputtering out the year after. Dusty Baker, despite an unprecedented amount of injuries, was able to keep the ship afloat, and deserves a contract extension for that alone, if a high-90s win total didn't do the job.

Stephen Strasburg, if he can stay healthy (knock ON WOOD A BILLION TIMES), provides the Nats with a second ace
Strasburg, if the Nats can bubble wrap him like I keep calling to tell them to do, would give the Nationals a huge edge come October if he can keep up his stats that have made him one of the best number two starters in baseball this season.

With Strasburg pitching well, Nationals are "confident"
Since returning from injury in August, Strasburg has been stellar. If (*knocks on wood 10*10^30,000,000 times) he can stay healthy, the Nationals think they'll be a whole different beast come October.

The Nationals don't normally bet on players with off-field issues. They made an exception for Seth Romero.
The Nationals rarely bank their culture on guys that could be useful but would be toxic to the clubhouse. With Seth Romero's talent, they decided to make an exception, and are hoping that a few years in professional baseball will help him sort himself out.

Soto among hitting prospects whose stock soared in 2017
Juan Soto began the season not even on the top 100 of MLBPipeline's top prospects list. Now, he's #39 and rising fast.

Matt Albers' incredible bounceback season key to Nats' dominance
At one point earlier this season, it was the "Matt Albers and everybody else" show in the bullpen. Now, with the back end fortified, Albers has proven to be a valuable middle-innings option, and a key part of this ballclub.

The Nationals really need Bryce Harper back and on track to wake their offense up
Since Harper's injury, they're scoring just 4.1 runs a game, 24th in the majors (a number that should go up a bit as Jayson Werth and Trea Turner get back on track a bit) -- proving just how valuable the protection of Harper is.

Lind sets Nationals record for career pinch hit homers
Four home runs in 47 plate appearances gave Lind the record. In other words, Lind has been invaluable to this team.

Baker joins small, storied group with 10th 90-win season
Only the greatest of the managing legends are on this list -- like, Joe Torre, Bobby Cox, Earl Weaver level -- and Dusty is on there with the best of them.

Zimmerman's homers from Sunday night meaningful in many ways for Nats
Zimmerman reminded everyone that the offense was alright, but more importantly, may have found his swing yet again this year, at just the right time, which could cement this year as a comeback for the ages.

NL MVP: Okay, what?
Two Nationals are on this list, the first not being Bryce Harper, but instead... THE NL LEADER IN fWAR, ANTHONY RENDON.

Four Nationals left-handers make final pitch to be on playoff roster
Oliver Perez is essentially a lock at this point. As for Sammy Solis, Enny Romero, and Matt Grace? Well, their situations are a little more complicated (although it seems like Sammy Solis has quietly bounced back a little).

Lind proves worth with big hits in important moments
The Nationals have enjoyed a few good pinch hitters, but none have been so consistent and clutch as Adam Lind has been this year. If only good pinch hitters didn't get contracts to be starters the next year.

Today’s Game: Nationals vs Braves — 7:35 PM
Probable Pitchers: Max Scherzer vs Luis Gohara