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Washington Nationals set an absurd amount of season marks last night; all on really boring plays...

Normally, one of these would warrant an article. We didn’t have time for seven billion articles, though...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On paper, the Washington Nationals’ 7:35 PM matchup against the Atlanta Braves had less-than-zero implications. The Nats are already in the playoffs, essentially having locked up the number two seed. The Braves are already eliminated.

Sure, Max Scherzer — who, granted, is normally the main story whenever he pitches — was on the hill, but that happens a couple dozen times a year for Washington. In other words, same old, same old.

So, in the third inning, Ryan Zimmerman, bored to death, laced a single through the left side, good for his 100th RBI.

According to the Nationals’ PR team, it was the “first 30-HR, 30-double, 100-RBI season by a Nationals player since 2012 (Adam LaRoche) & just the 4th in Nats history.”

A minor achievement in the grand scheme of things, sure, but an impressive one for a player that many were calling to be benched at the beginning of the year.

Later, in the bottom of the fourth inning, Max Scherzer struck out pitcher Luiz Gohara, again, a normally uneventful occasion.

Except that it was his 250th strikeout of the year.

Which, as it turns out, was something he has done for four years straight, putting him in pretty elite company:

Later, in the top of the seventh, Trea Turner stole third base. Again, another boring development. Again, one that was important, because it was his 41st of the season, which tied him with Alfonso Soriano for the most stolen bases in a single season by a National.

Later, in the top of the ninth, Turner walked, and stole second, putting him alone at the top of the list with 42 stolen bags.

Next up: Breaking the runs record on ground-rule doubles!