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Washington Nationals dress up as Game of Thrones characters for rookie dress up...

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Washington Nationals’ rookies... and well, everyone on the roster apparently, dressed up like Game of Thrones characters for the trip to Philadelphia...

Photo screencap via @Sammy22Solis on the Twitter/Instagram

You know nothing, Jayson Werth. Is Bryce Harper a direwolf? Ghost? Please don’t tell me Trea Turner is being cast as Joffrey? I used to like you, Trea.

There are some Unsullied. There are some Faith Militant. I think Stephen Strasburg is Beric Dondarrion? That is... kind of awesome, Stras. Can you pick out any more?

We have everyone’s favorite left-hander Sammy Solis to thank for the following pics as the Nationals dressed up and prepared to travel from New York to Philadelphia for the start of a three-game set with the Phillies tomorrow night.

Oh, and nice job working your way out of that bases-loaded jam you inherited today, Sammy.

Here are some pics of the Nationals as Game of Thrones characters:

Photo screencap via Sammy Solis on Instagram @Sammy22Solis
Photo screencap via Sammy Solis on Twitter @Sammy22Solis

Feel free to add any pics you find out there on the internets in the comments section if you find more...