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Washington Nationals dress up as Game of Thrones characters for rookie dress up...

Washington Nationals’ rookies... and well, everyone on the roster apparently, dressed up like Game of Thrones characters for the trip to Philadelphia...

Photo screencap via @Sammy22Solis on the Twitter/Instagram

You know nothing, Jayson Werth. Is Bryce Harper a direwolf? Ghost? Please don’t tell me Trea Turner is being cast as Joffrey? I used to like you, Trea.

There are some Unsullied. There are some Faith Militant. I think Stephen Strasburg is Beric Dondarrion? That is... kind of awesome, Stras. Can you pick out any more?

We have everyone’s favorite left-hander Sammy Solis to thank for the following pics as the Nationals dressed up and prepared to travel from New York to Philadelphia for the start of a three-game set with the Phillies tomorrow night.

Oh, and nice job working your way out of that bases-loaded jam you inherited today, Sammy.

Here are some pics of the Nationals as Game of Thrones characters:

Photo screencap via Sammy Solis on Instagram @Sammy22Solis
Photo screencap via Sammy Solis on Twitter @Sammy22Solis

Feel free to add any pics you find out there on the internets in the comments section if you find more...