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Washington Nationals’ lineup for opener with Miami Marlins + Dusty Baker on Nats’ offensive struggles...

Dusty Baker talked after Sunday afternoon’s loss to the Brewers about the Nationals’ offensive struggles in the series in Miller Park.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Washington’s offense scored just eight runs total in Milwaukee as the Nationals dropped three of four to the Brewers in Miller Park.

That stretch did, of course, follow a streak of four straight wins, over which the Nats scored a total of 28 runs, taking the finale with the New York Mets and three straight from the Miami Marlins during the last homestand.

So what to make of the lack of production in the series with the Brewers?

“I think some of the guys are a little worn,” Dusty Baker told reporters after Sunday’s 7-2 loss.

“Concentration is off some, we aren’t using it as an excuse, but we are in a 21 games in 20 days [stretch]. That’s a lot this late in the season. You can tell by the guys’ focus and concentration isn’t the same. We’ll get through this streak.

“We’ve got seven more games to go and then we’ll take a break, but we’ve got to get our act together down in Florida and we’ll be better there than here.”

The NL East-leading Nationals start a three-game set with the Miami Marlins tonight, having won five straight and six of the last seven against the National League East’s second-place team.

Baker was asked if there was anything he could do to spur hitters on and help improve the offense.

“I’m trying to go with as many different lineups as I can to get some fresh bodies out there,” Baker said.

“When you get in that batter’s box, you’re on your own. So you just got to work your way through it, you know, and every team goes through highs and lows.”

It’s been more highs than lows for the 82-54 Nationals, who managed to lower their magic number to 12 in spite of last night’s loss. Now they can directly affect it with head-to-head matchups against the Marlins, who’ve now lost six of their last seven.