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Washington Nationals’ Michael A. Taylor just hit an inside-the-park-grand-slam... you read that right...

Michael A. Taylor hit a bases-loaded liner to center tonight and Odubel Herrera misplayed it into an inside-the-park grand slam.

Photo screencap via, @Nationals on the Twitter

The following words are really just “blah, blah, blah” until you get to watch the video of Michael A. Taylor’s inside-the-park grand slam tonight in the nation’s capital.

But if you are into scene-setting, here’s the lead-up to Washington Nationals’ center fielder Michael A. Taylor doing something truly... weird?

From tonight’s post game report:

Daniel Murphy singled and took second on an error when Cesar Hernandez botched a tailor-made double play ball off Ryan Zimmerman’s bat, leaving both players safe, two on and no one out in the Nationals’ third.

Both runners moved up on a groundout by Anthony Rendon, and a walk to Matt Wieters set Michael A. Taylor up with a bases-loaded opportunity he cashed in with a line drive to center... that Odubel Herrera misjudged into an inside-the-park grand slam. Is that a thing? Did that just happen? GTFO. MAT! 6-3 Nats.

Here it is:

As the Nationals PR people noted, “Michael A. Taylor's Inside The Park Home Run was the first ITP Grand Slam in Nationals history (2005-pres.) 2nd in franchise history,” and the first in the majors since Aaron Altherr of the Phillies hit one against the Nationals back in 2015.

You bet that one gets a curtain call: