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Wire Taps: Adam Eaton ready to go; Greg Holland + Lance Lynn don’t fit; Audition to be a Racing President!

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Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while we wait for ... players to avoid arbitration? Or a big move or something...

MLB: Game One-New York Mets at Washington Nationals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Alright. It is January the 10th, and nobody of importance other than Shohei Ohtani has signed. Still. However, at this point, we’re rooting for it to all hold out longer, and here’s why:

If it keeps holding, eventually, players will have to sign.

Which means, that with two or three days left until pitchers and catchers report, everyone will sign. All at once. A free-agent tsunami. We’ve come too far at this point not to get it.

Here’s the news from D.C.:

Adam Eaton discusses knee rehab, feels ready to go
Adam Eaton feels like his knee, eight months later, is almost where it needs to be for Opening Day, and certainly where it needs to be for Spring Training.

Greg Holland and Lance Lynn aren't good fits for the Nats
The Nats are interested in both Holland and Lynn. But the Nats don't have any gaping holes in their bullpen, and Holland was 'meh' for the last half of 2017. As for Lynn, can the Nats, who have around $400m dedicated to starting pitching already, really afford him?

Racing President Auditions are this Sunday
If you always wanted to be a racing president, then you can still apply by today -- after that, selected candidates will be invited to the Nats' YBA to try out. And fail miserably, the best part of the offseason.

Henderson Alvarez could be a worthwhile project for the Nats
The Nats need a starting pitcher, and ideally at a low cost. Alvarez has been oft-injured for the past three seasons, but if he's healthy, he could be an ideal fifth starter.

Two links we missed yesterday:

Charges against Ray Knight dropped
The police arrested Ray Knight at his home in Alexandria, but nothing will come of it, it seems.

BP Top Ten prospects, Washington Nationals
The top will not surprise you. What will surprise you? That the system is... surprisingly strong.