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Wire Taps: Anthony Rendon arbitration will be interesting; Nats re-sign Edwin Jackson; New coach questions...

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Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news as we wait to see what sort of raise Anthony Rendon gets and welcome E-Jax back into the organization...

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Washington Nationals Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

So, here we are. It’s January 12th, and the Nats’ biggest acquisitions are, in order:

  • Brandon Kintzler
  • Matt Adams
  • Edwin Jackson

That wouldn’t be so sad if it wasn’t better than most teams in the majors.

Here’s the beat from South Capitol Street.

The hot corner will be the hottest corner when it comes to arbitration this year
Today, players and teams will swap figures for what they want -- Kris Bryant, Josh Donaldson, and, yes, Anthony Rendon, will all be asking for payraises.

Q&A: How will the Nats respond to the new coaching staff?
2018 is underway, and there are questions to be had regarding the Nats. For instance: How will the team react to such a changed coaching staff? The answer: Who knows! What about batting M.A.T. or Trea ninth? Maybe?

NationalsArmsRace answers the mailbag
Your favorite Nats blogger's favorite Nationals blogger talked Wieters, coaching staff, unorthodox lineups, and Howie Kendrick. Just like Collier -- but with different answers.

Nats re-sign Edwin Jackson to minor league deal
Jackson was good, great, and then unwatchable in thirteen starts with Washington last season. This year, he'll serve as rotation depth yet again.

Nats bringing back Edwin Jackson on minor league deal
Open competition for the fifth starter spot, anyone?

Nationals sign Edwin Jackson to minor-league deal
Fun fact: Jackson needs to play on only one more new cub to tie the record for the most clubs played on by one player. Hello, Oakland?

Wilmer Difo is the Nationals' second baseman of the future
The Nats could give Difo up as a secondary piece in a trade. But he's shown flashes of all-star potential, and the Nats would be silly to let him go.