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Wire Taps: Mike Rizzo’s impending free-agency; Nationals’ Victor Robles is top defensive prospect; Racing President tryouts

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Catch up on the weekend that was in Washington Nationals news and start your week right with the latest links...

MLB: Winter Meetings Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get deeper into today’s Wire Taps, we have delightful news to share with you:
Yesterday, the Nationals held tryouts for their racing presidents. Which meant fun, dancing, and grown men and women flailing around in 50-pound costumes.

If you want a fuller story, here’s one:

Okay, now back to the boring Wire Taps.

Why aren't we talking about Mike Rizzo's impending free-agency?
Mike Rizzo could be the most valuable member of the 2018 free-agent class, and that's saying something. However, the Nats, who could easily iron something out with him if they were willing to, have waited to get it done. Then again, where could Rizzo get more power than he already has in Washington?

The Nats give three big raises
Why did Anthony Rendon get nearly $7 million dollars more this year than he did last year? Try 100 RBI on for size. Tanner Roark presents a few more questions.

Nats' Victor Robles tops 2018 All Defense Team
"If (Braves outfield prospect Cristian Pache) doesn't have the best range among outfield prospects, then that distinction might belong to Robles," who is a "game-changing defender."

The Nats don't need Christian Yelich, because they already have him in Adam Eaton
The Nats have been quiet, but that's because they think they're getting a Christian Yelich equivalent -- a more proven one at that -- back next year in Adam Eaton.

Exploring The Trade Value Of Christian Yelich
"The best comp... is last offseason's Adam Eaton trade."

NL East Notes:

The Mets signed Adrian Gonzalez. We don't know either.

- 69 wRC+

- -1.1 fWAR


Braves owe Phillies Chick-Fil-A after Eagles beat Falcons
Mediocre Take: Aside from the milkshakes, Chick-Fil-A is meh.