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Wire Taps: Nationals’ Competitive Balance Tax Questions; Victor Robles ready for 2018; D.C. is place to be

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Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while we wait for the next bit of exciting info...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Matt Albers is still out there!

Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, while you respond, here’s the scoop from South Capitol.

Here's the deal on the rest of the offseason
The Nats could stand pat, and they'd benefit from it, given that they're over the competitive balance tax line (which may not mean a ton to them). However, their actual payroll isn't over the line, meaning they still have room to spend and get a fifth starter. Will they?

Robles ready for 2018 and beyond, but will start season in minors
Victor Robles will most likely start the season in Syracuse, and the Nats have little reason to rush him. Seasoning is the name of the game here. The big question the Nats need to ask, however, is, when someone loses their spot, what do they do with that player once Robles has usurped them?

Kendrick's return signals D.C. as the place to be in 2018
Normally, players will go from small-market teams or worse teams to bigger-market or better teams at the trade deadline, and then cash out in the offseason. Typically, it's difficult to find them returning to the team that gave them their exposure. That happened to the Nats twice this year. Why? Because the team is one that wins, a lot.

Cubs know that waiting out Bryce Harper later is slowing down this year
No team is particularly excited to spend big dollars this offseason, because they don't feel like limiting themselves next year, when Babe Ruth himself may as well be part of the free-agent class. Thus: The usual suspects (Cubs) have been quieter than normal.

Howie Kendrick Returns To Washington
"Although the hot stove feels rather frigid this winter, the Nationals have done a nice job securing three veterans (Kendrick, Matt Adams and Brandon Kintzler) to fill voids on the roster at reasonable prices."

Post columnist Thomas Boswell voted into National Sports Media Association Hall of Fame
Boswell, who has been writing columns since 1984, has been in every Wire Taps the day after he wrote a piece since roughly 2007-ish.

On the eve of the Nats' first game of the spring, Charlie Slowes will call the Caps game
With the regular PxP man in South Korea, expect a "BANG, ZOOM GOES ALEXANDER OVECHKIN!" on February 22nd.

D.C. Athletes With President Trump’s Measurements
The President got his physical, and because this is Washington, D.C., apparently this is a thing we do. There are two Nats here. You are not required to click.