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How your favorite Washington Nationals celebrated New Year’s Eve

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Fireworks! Dancing! Making corny jokes!

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

That’s right, folks: Your favorite baseball player is just like you — they celebrate New Year’s Eve.

When it came to sharing their evening with the public, some players made it short and sweet. Trea Turner, for instance:

Other Star Wars and bad-joke loving players (it’s just Sean Doolittle) chose to share their (his) plans and shared the jokes that annoyed the hell out of their (again, just Sean Doolittle’s) significant others.

(Also, some bonus thoughts from Eireann Dolan on how stupid New Years’ kisses are):

Unsurprisingly, it was Bryce Harper (who else?) who outdid every Nat who shared anything on their social media feed. Bryce and his wife, Kay, hosted a party at their (it could possibly have been someone else’s, we don’t know) house, featuring a photo booth, firecrackers, props, Bryan Harper, table shuffleboard, and some crazy dance pad mechanism that gave me a headache.

(All photos below c/o of Bryce Harper’s Instagram story.)

43 days until pitchers and catchers report, which is fairly close — hopefully nobody hurt themselves *too* badly.