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Wire Taps: Nationals interested in Lance Lynn, Greg Holland; What to expect from Matt Wieters

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Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news as we wait for the next bit of breaking news in the nation’s capital...

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, we’re here again. Yet again, there’s a rumor.

Will anything come of it? Absolutely not. And if it does, it won’t happen for another month, because that’s just how it seems to have gone this offseason.

Here’s the scoop from South Capitol Street:

Nationals show interest in Lynn
Lance Lynn has slid under the radar as free agents go. But the Nats, for once, are actually interested in a non-Boras client, and Lynn's name hasn't come up in correlation with any other teams yet, so...

Rosenthal: Nats interested in Lance Lynn (Subscription Required)
The Nationals are already over the luxury tax threshold. But the team needs another starter, and apparently, they're interested in Lance Lynn (yes, the same Lance Lynn who Jayson Werth hit his walk-off against in 2012).

Matt Wieters' expectations versus reality
Matt Wieters was not what the Nats signed up for last year. In fact, he was the polar opposite of it. So what should we expect from him in 2018? (Hint: Not much.)

The Nats have to stop planning for the future and go all-in on 2018
The Nats have been a perennial contender for years. But they've never been *dominant*. Moreover, they've always held back on big deals in order to make sure that they can still contend. That has to change, starting right now, by trading everyone but Victor Robles in the system to capitalize on value.

Here's the Hall-of-Fame case for Vladimir Guerrero
Guerrero: Was he a Nat? No. Do the Nationals consider him part of the organization? Also no. Is he part of the franchise's history? By a technicality, yes, so here's this...

Nick Cafardo: What the Red Sox value about J.D. Martinez (including one Nationals nugget)
"With Wade Davis signing in Colorado, the Cubs are now in the picture for (Greg) Holland, as are the Nationals."

N.L. East nuggets:

Is Alex Cobb worth it for the Phillies?
The Phillies need another starter, and Alex Cobb is available. But he's also someone who will command upwards of $40 million. But is Philadelphia the right place for Cobb, someone who could give up a lot of homers in a ballpark like Citizens' Bank?

What would it take for the Mets to get Andrew McCutchen?
The Mets are certainly lacking in assets to trade outside of their top prospect, Amed Rosario. Moreover, McCutchen is just a one-year rental. But the Mets may have just enough to scrape together a package that the Pirates would take.

Is a Realmuto/Yelich trade worth it for the Braves?
For the Nats, who are lacking in prospects outside of their very best, it's more blurry, whereas the Braves have a little more to give away. But the duo would make more of an immediate impact in Washington, whereas Atlanta is still further from contending. However, having major-league ready pieces for when the rebuild is complete could be worth it for Atlanta -- at the right price.