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Wire Taps: Bryce Harper watch; Nationals get jumpstart on 2019 + more...

The “Bryce Harper would be a great fit for us!” stories are starting to pour in and the offseason hasn’t even officially started yet. Prepare yourself for the deluge...

Washington Nationals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

If you aren’t ready for the deluge of “Bryce Harper would be a perfect fit [FILL IN CITY HERE]” stories headed our way this winter, I will politely suggest you start preparing yourself now, because it’s coming. There are already way too many teams and fans that think he would be a perfect fit for their team, and it’s only going to get worse when the World Series ends and the rumors really start flying... But seriously, folks, enjoy your offseason... Here are your links:


Pipeline names Nats' Prospects of the Year
"Two players who made arguably the most encouraging strides throughout the Nats' Minor League system have been selected as MLB Pipeline's Prospects of the Year for the Nationals."

Is Wieters' time in D.C. over, or is there any chance of a return? - (MASN)
"On the heels of a hugely disappointing 2017, Wieters arrived in West Palm Beach this spring leaner and determined to put together a bounceback campaign."

How much money will the Nationals have to spend this winter? - (WaPost)
"The Nationals began the 2018 season with a payroll of more than $180 million, according to Cot’s Baseball contracts. As of Thursday night, they had roughly $112 million committed to 23 players next season."

Instructional League wrap-up: Istler and Condra-Bogan - (MASN)
"Istler’s fastball velocity was from 90 to 94 mph in Florida. He demonstrated solid control with Tulsa, striking out 46 batters and allowing only 13 walks in 57 innings."

Brewers’ Gio Gonzalez calls starting Game 1 of NLCS ‘a pretty cool story’ - (WaPost)
"It was in the late hours of Aug. 31, after a game that won’t be remembered, on a night he won’t forget, that Gio Gonzalez’s past clashed head-on with his future."

Barraclough To The Rescue - (NatsGM)
"Before I declare this trade to be a clear 'Win' for Washington, we must keep in mind Barraclough is coming off a nightmarish second half and spent time on the disabled list for a shoulder issue."


Would a Bryce Harper-Giants partnership make sense? - (Mercury News)
"There are a few different ways to look at the pros and cons of signing a star like Bryce Harper, and the Giants will carefully consider the situation this winter."

BenFred: Harper would make the Cardinals must-see TV (
"Here’s hoping Harper falls for the house of Cards. It’s time for chairman Bill Dewitt Jr. and his front office to go dancing with the stars."

How the New York Yankees can get better this offseason (
"Bryce Harper has that built-for-the-Bronx swing. He’d be a 50-homer threat if healthy..."


Washington Nationals Top 10 Prospects Updated - (Fangraphs)
”The Nationals system has a few impact players but has a significant lack of depth — especially amongst the arms.”

Arizona Fall League roundup for October 11 - (
"Nationals No. 2 prospect Carter Kieboom picked up a pair of hits, including a triple, and scored a run as part of his 2-for-6 night for Salt River. Daniel Johnson (No. 10) went 1-for-5."

Nationals Get Going on 2019, Marlins Look to 2023 - (FanGraphs)
"All versions of Barraclough have featured a roughly 14% walk rate, and his most recent season featured a 25% K-rate and eight homers in 55.1 innings."

Auburn City Council approves Falcon Park turf project - (
"Doubledays General Manager Adam Winslow has said in the past that the team, New York-Penn League and Washington Nationals organization are all supportive of the project."

Orioles' payroll savings from July trades come into focus with 2019 salary arbitration projections - (Baltimore Sun)
"But from a business standpoint — especially with next month's hearing on the MASN rights fee dispute with the Washington Nationals calling into question how much revenue the Orioles will get from their television network going forward — chopping over a quarter of their salary commitments off the books in one fell swoop makes things possibly a little more palatable for the club."