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Wire Taps: How will Nationals deal with Ryan Zimmerman; Juan Soto turns 20; Sox + Dodgers helped with return of D.C. baseball

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before Game 3 of the World Series tonight...

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Juan Soto isn’t a teenager anymore, this could be the second-to-last day of baseball this year, and the Capitals lost. At least it’s Friday?

Here’s the news from Dodger Stadium:

Juan Soto is no longer the best teenager in baseball (NBC Sports Washington)
Soto turned 20 yesterday, officially closing the book on the greatest teenage season potentially of all time (which really ended in September barring an obscene trade come October 1st).

How should the Nationals plan for Ryan Zimmerman? (WaPo)
Zimmerman has been phenomenal over the last two seasons. When he's healthy, that is — because the Nats have relied quite a bit on backup first basemen over the last two years. In the meantime, Zimmerman's contract will likely end this year — meaning he can either renegotiate with the team for a lower 2020 contract or move on. It all bears the question: with an injury-prone franchise cornerstone with only one year left, what can the Nats do to secure first base?

One free agent each MLB team could re-sign (
That's right, it's Joaquin Benoit! (No, it's Bryce Harper.)

Juan Soto's teenage MLB records (
Now that everything has been officially inscribed in the record books, we can note that Soto has the second most homers in a teenage season, the most multi-homer games, and the most walks by a teenager in MLB history.

Gold Glove Award finalists named (
Yet again, Anthony Rendon is stuck behind Nolan Arenado. Don't expect, well, anything.

Red Sox, Dodgers connections helped facilitate return of baseball to D.C. (Washington Times)
"What made this deal historic — and what led to baseball in Washington — was essentially the three-franchise swap that Selig engineered — an unprecedented transaction."