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Wire Taps: Davey Martinez’s first year in review; Who to cheer for; Were the Nats unlucky?

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the ... oh, actually, there’s nothing Nats related happening that will stop you from living your life to its fullest tonight.

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MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If the Nats had made the playoffs... oh, forget it.

Here’s what’s new in Washington:

What’s to blame for the Nationals’ lost season? Part II: The coaching staff (WaPo)
Martinez was always willing to talk to players — meaning he never lost the clubhouse. But his managerial miscues never went unnoticed, and his pitchers probably worked too much. Next year, Martinez will drill the little things and try and build on the camaraderie he feels the team built this year, as opposed to Dusty Baker's notion of the team being "together but separate."

Lucky or unlucky? (Sweetspot — Nationals Baseball)
Were the Nats lucky or unlucky this year? Beyond Juan Soto, the answer seems pretty clear here: from injuries to Daniel Murphy and Adam Eaton to the implosion of the pitching core, the Nats were unlucky.

Which teams should Nats fans be cheering for? (District on Deck)
(Hint: Think West Palm Beach and trade partners.)

Dave Roberts Respected Nationals' Decision To Rest Max Scherzer (DodgerBlue)
Scherzer wanted to pitch, which could have prevented the Rockies and Dodgers from playing Game 163, but Dave Roberts was happy for the Nats to give Scherzer the rest.

Awards Watch: Would-Be Ballot Edition (The Athletic)
"Of course, Soto is not being compared only to teenagers here, and experience, not age, is the relevant factor for this award. Still, as with Ohtani, Soto’s season contained a historic component that boosts his candidacy."

Bryce Harper's Free Agency is a Battle of Heart vs Necessity for the Washington Nationals (Baseball Essential)
The Nationals should just pay Harper his worth and lock him up, which seems to be what he wants to do, right? On the other hand, they could plug their holes and let another team deal with his inconsistency.