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ALDS and NLDS GameThreads: Indians at Astros; Rockies at Brewers; Yankees at Red Sox; Braves at Dodgers...

OMG all the baseball. It’s a day full of baseball (though sadly none of it involving the Nationals). But if you’re still watching, today is a big day with all four Division Series spread throughout the day...

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Reporter to Chris Sale: Talk about your success against the Yankees this year.

Chris Sale: Uhhhhh... No.

It’s that time of year. All the Division Series. All day long. It’s a day full of baseball. So the Nationals aren’t playing anymore. So what.

[Wipes tears away]

[Laments saving most of our modest 2018 coverage budget for October].

There is still plenty of baseball to come this season, if you can take it, and today there are four, count’em, four games being played.

All the teams that remain are in action today with alternating AL and NL matchups starting at 2:05 PM EDT when Cleveland and Houston get going in their ALDS matchup.

Astros’ skipper A.J. Hinch was asked last night what the biggest takeaways were from last year’s run to their World Series championship.

“I mean, we’ve been there, so I think that helps,” Hinch said, “... and it’s easy to say that because everything went in our favor. But that team across the way has been there too.

“They didn’t get to experience a parade like we did, but they got to experience the seventh game of the World Series.

“I think our guys understand the urgency, but I think all teams that are still standing understand the urgency. We’ve got some flashbacks. We’ll have some cool videos.

“We’ll be able to watch the successes that we had, but that will only get you so far. You’ve still got to go out and compete and get your hits and get your outs and field the ball and play clean baseball.

“It’s better to have that kind of reflection in the rearview mirror than to have bad memories, I guess. I’ll take the win over the loss.”

The other AL Division Series between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees gets going today as well, which is great, because who hasn’t had enough of that matchup?

Moving on quickly ...

Colorado and Milwaukee continue their NLDS matchup after the Brewers fought back and beat the Rockies after blowing a lead late in the series opener and Atlanta and LA are back in action after the Dodgers shut the Braves out last night to take Game 1.

What did the Brewers’ ability to weather the late rally by the Rockies and get the win mean to the team?

“It feels good because it was a big punch because of the way that we pitched the whole game, because we pitched beautifully the whole game,” Craig Counsell said.

And the Rockies, who battled to tie it late, but lost, and have been doing a lot of traveling in the last week to get to where they are... how are they doing after the loss?

“I think we’re okay,” manager Bud Black said. “Pardon my voice. I’m a little hoarse. I think we’re hanging in there. It’s been a rough stretch the last three or four days, but I think the day off yesterday helped, and I think the postseason energizes players, so we’re fine.”

Atlanta’s skipper, Brian Snitker, talked after the 6-0 loss in LA, about what his Braves can take from the defeat in the series opener.

“I think guys now, since we have experienced it, they’ve been through a lot,” Snitker said, “... they’ve come back a lot all year, like you say. And I think they’ll come back with a little more sense of what we’re in for tomorrow.”

And Dodgers’ skipper Dave Roberts? What kind of statement did LA’s win last night make?

“I mean we said it,” Roberts told reporters. “We’re playing really good baseball. All of September, I think we’ve kind of come together -- offensively, defensively, starting pitching, the pen -- and this is when you want to play your best baseball. We have a lot of good players. We’ve got -- we’re healthy, and this is a very focused and determined group.”

Enjoy your day of baseball. There are too many lineups to post them all here, so just watch the games and have a nice day...