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Washington Nationals reveal new Spring Training threads for 2019...

The Washington Nationals will be wearing new uniforms during Spring Training.

Screencap from video via @Nationals on the Twitters.

The Washington Nationals dropped some heat on a chilly Thursday morning when they revealed their new Spring Training uniforms.

The jersey resembles the Nationals’ latest alternate uniforms they wore during the 2018 regular season.

However, the spring training jersey is white with blue letters instead of blue with red letters.

The hats have a unique style compared to past years, as the Nationals ditched their trademark Curly W.

The hat is red, white and blue with the Washington Senators “W” logo in the middle of the Capitol building symbol.

The Nationals’ Spring Training gear shows they’re trying to switch things up. I wouldn’t mind the Nationals adding this uniform to their regular season collection.

The Nationals will show off their new threads when Spring Training starts in February...