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Washington Nationals’ 2018 WinterFest Thread: Day 1...

Follow along here today for the latest news from WinterFest, which is being held in Nationals Park this year...

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

For the fifth, or is it the sixth, maybe it’s the seventh straight year, we’re on the scene for the Washington Nationals’ WinterFest celebration.

WinterFest was held in the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center and the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in previous years, but this time it’s in Nationals Park.

Clubhouse tours, batting cages, pitching in the bullpen, photos with the bullpen cart, though we hear the cart has let celebrity get to its head (motor?) since its debut last season.

There will be players everywhere, doing exclusive interviews, and playing game shows on the Main Stage, and we’ll be behind the scenes today and tomorrow talking to a parade of Nationals who come by to catch up with the beat writers covering the team.

WinterFest is being held today (December 1, 2018) and tomorrow (Dec. 2) from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM EST, and is open to fans of all ages.

We’ll include out Twitter feed below, and we’ll be updating you and our Twitter followers on there for the next two days, while breaking out some other stories in more detail.

Which players are you most interested in hearing from this weekend?

What do you think Davey “No Longer a First-year Manager” Martinez will have to say in his first big talk with the D.C. press corps since the end of the disappointing 2018 campaign?

Will GM Mike Rizzo slip and give reporters a scoop about the Nats’ offseason plans, and how many of the players, coaches, and execs who stop to talk to reporters by will get asked questions about whether or not Bryce Harper is coming back to D.C. in 2019?

Also ... Carter Kieboom is going to be there!! And, uh, Spencer too, apparently...

You can follow along with our Twitter feed below or HERE if it doesn’t show up in whatever browser you’re using...