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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals welcome Patrick Corbin; but Bryce Harper talk turns real...

On the day they welcomed pitcher Patrick Corbin to the nation’s capital, the Washington Nationals all-but said Bryce Harper won’t return to D.C.

Photo screencap via @Nationals on the Twitters

Welcome to Washington, Patrick Corbin. Thanks for the memories, Bryce Harper. It was that sort of day in D.C. It was supposed to be about the signing of the biggest free agent pitcher on the market this winter, but it ended up being about Harper’s future, because that’s how it goes. It’s Harper’s world, we’re all just living in it... Go read your links:


Nats GM: Corbin, Harper 'independent'; owner thinks OF gone - (Washington Times)
“We thought it was good business - we had to fix the things we needed to fix. ‘Harp’ is a big part of our family, and we’d love to have him back.” - Mike Rizzo

Nationals double-down on starting pitching by signing Patrick Corbin - (NBC Sports Washington)
"Those top three in the rotation represent Mike Rizzo’s steadfast belief. Winning in the major leagues starts with foundational pitching. Every year. All year. And in the playoffs."

Nationals welcome left-hander Patrick Corbin, their biggest bet in years - (WaPost)
"In the months since one of the more disappointing seasons in Nationals history, Rizzo, buoyed by ownership’s seemingly vigorous support, has addressed most of his team’s needs already."

Bourque's transition to bullpen goes well - (MASN)
"Bourque, 25, pitched well at the University of Michigan and caught the eye of the Nationals’ area scout."

What’s next for the Nationals after Patrick Corbin signing and Mark Lerner comments? - (WaPost)
"The Nationals have not let Harper’s unresolved free agency delay their roster construction for 2019. They have actually done the opposite."

Patrick Corbin introduced at Nationals Park as starting rotation solidifies - (Washington Times)
"How can Washington compete for coveted pro athletes with other Northeast megalopolises like New York and Philadelphia? Mike Rizzo might have found a trick."

Corbin and Nationals hoping for happy marriage - (MASN)
”And when he was done late last week, Corbin decided the city he wanted to spend the next six years of his career in was Washington.”


2019 Washington Nationals Top 10 Prospects Chat - (Baseball America)
"Ranking and discussing the top MLB prospects in the Washington Nationals farm system."

Five things the Nationals still must do this offseason after landing Patrick Corbin - (
"Signing Corbin, the top free agent starter on the market, is obviously the headliner move. Don't sleep on the upgrade at catcher though."


Lerner suggests Harper unlikely to re-sign with Nationals - (MASN)
“We’ve stated our case. We gave him a fabulous offer, something we felt we could afford, and it’s in their hands where they want to be." - Mark Lerner

Nationals owner on Bryce Harper: ‘I think they’ve decided to move on’ - (WaPost)
"The 10-year, $300 million dollar offer the team made to Harper at the end of the season was “the best we can do,” Lerner said, adding that club officials told Harper and his agent, Scott Boras, as much."

Nationals owner Mark Lerner isn't encouraged about the team re-signing Harper - (NBC Sports Washington)
"If Washington does indeed move on from Bryce Harper, that bodes well for the possibility of re-signing Anthony Rendon, who will be a free agent after the 2019 season."

Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner said he has maxed out his offer for Bryce Harper - (ESPN)
"Lerner didn't discuss the exact offer that was given to Harper, but he said the Nationals couldn't comfortably offer more and field a competitive team around the six-time All-Star."

Door wide open for Yankees to pursue free agent Bryce Harper after Nats back down - (SNY)
"According to SNYtv's Andy Martino, New York is just one of a dozen teams that will travel to Nevada to meet with Harper."

Like A-Rod 18 years ago, Bryce Harper’s free agency can alter history - (WaPost)
"When Bryce Harper scrawls his signature on the contract that will bind him to an as-yet-undetermined franchise for the next chapter of his career, it will complete what has been the most anticipated and scrutinized free agency in baseball in nearly two decades..."

Patrick Corbin arrives, Bryce Harper all but exits, and Mark Lerner takes charge of Nats - (WaPost)
"The Nats and Harper have been doing a mutually respectful dance of disentanglement for two years, pretty much since the day Washington traded for outfielder Adam Eaton..."