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Wire Taps: Vegas undersells Nationals; Matt Wieters cuts weight; Adam Eaton thinks he’ll be ready for Opening Day

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news as Day 2 of Spring Training gets underway in West Palm Beach, FL.

MLB-Washington Nationals spring training Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Well, Spring Training started yesterday, meaning that real Nationals news and articles returned with it. Rejoice, all!

Here’s the beat from the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE ALERT: Matt Wieters reports to camp having cut weight, with his career depending on it
Wieters doesn't know if his slimming down will lead to anything tangible. He does know that after last season, whatever he was doing wasn't working, and he doesn't have too many chances this season.

Wieters thinks weight loss will help him bounce back
Matt Wieters is nearly fifteen pounds lighter (and looking five years younger), which he hopes will increase his agility and range of motion. Folks, it's a "best shape of his life" article.

Adam Eaton thinks he'll be ready for Opening Day
Adam Eaton has been in West Palm Beach rehabbing his knee for the last month or so, and even though the Nats will ease him into the action, he thinks that Opening Day is an easy goal for him to get to.

Matt Wieters has no time—or chance—to dwell in the past
Matt Wieters, to speak candidly, endured a complete and utter meltdown in Game 5 of the NLDS last season. After a career worst offensive season, and a literal implosion in October, Wieters says that he's slimmed down to where he needs to be to perform. If he hasn't, then the writing is on the wall that the Nats are willing to pursue other options.

Dave Martinez made a believer of a former George Mason University pitcher
Shawn Camp was in camp with Tampa Bay when Dave Martinez was a guest instructor in 2006 and 2007, and he only has good things to say about Dave Martinez.

The offseason ends, and morning brushback returns
This season, on Nationals baseball: The Harper free-agency chronicles, Dave Martinez's debut, Mike Rizzo's future, and the All Star Game.

The non-roster invitees are a weak class
The Nats only put four minor-leaguers that are not already on the 40-man on their invitee list. In other words, don't expect too many surprises.

The odds must be crazy: Early Vegas over/unders have these five teams all wrong
"It would be a shocker if the Nationals failed to win 92 games." - [ed. note: Vegas has pretty consistently not been bullish on the Nats — in 2016, they only projected 89.5 wins.]