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Watch Nationals’ top prospect Victor Robles make a spectacular catch in the Grapefruit League opener...

In case you missed it yesterday, check out the catch top Nats’ prospect Victor Robles made in the Grapefruit League opener on Friday afternoon...

C/o @Nationals on Twitter

Victor Robles, the Nationals’ top prospect, didn’t get much of an offseason.

Instead starting his time off in September, like most minor-leaguers do, he got the call-up to the Major Leagues. And instead of going home after the regular season, like most September call-ups do, he earned a spot on the postseason roster. And instead of lying down on the couch after the playoffs ended, he went to play in the Arizona Fall League.

In other words, Victor Robles had been playing baseball for a long time before he finally got a little more than three months off between the end of the AFL and Spring Training.

However, it didn’t seem to impede his success or energy during the first Grapefruit League game, in which he got one hit and one walk in two plate appearances.

Apparently his defense didn’t suffer that much either:

If that’s any sense of what the Nats will get out of him this year or next year, Robles is going to be a whole lot of fun to watch in the outfield for whenever he breaks into a full-time major league role.