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Here’s how Washington Nationals players reacted to camels at Spring Training

You didn’t dream this. This really happened. This is a thing that really happened at the Washington Nationals’ Spring Training facility...

Sultan Bin Zayed Heritage Festival 2018 Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

In case you didn’t hear, Dave(y) Martinez brought camels into Spring Training yesterday. Yes, yes, very big deal.

“All winter long I heard about the proverbial ‘hump,’” Martinez explained, referring to the Nationals’ inability to get over the NLDS hump and advance in the postseason.

“So, it came to me a while ago. I didn’t know if we could pull it off because I didn’t know if we could get the camels.”

According to Davey Martinez, he just wanted to address “the hump” head-on and have some fun with it:

However, how did the players feel? The pitching staff all gathered around for a photo with the camels, and Joe Ross even got a close-up with one.

He skips leg day #humpday

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Michael A. Taylor had more vulgar comments to make:

However, it was closer Sean Doolittle who took the most qualitative and quantitative look possible at the camel appearance in camp, claiming that the quadrupeds had a real shot to make the team.

Overall, Doolittle makes an excellent point: perhaps Martinez was really bringing in the camels to see if they could help in any way. Perhaps as a more rustic version of a bullpen cart?