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Washington Nationals’ star Bryce Harper helped deliver baby news to a couple...

Bryce Harper helped a Washington Nationals fan deliver the news that another new Nats fan is on the way to her husband...

C/o @EmberstoAsh on Twitter

Bryce Harper is a man of many talents. He can hit for contact and for power, run the bases, throw the ball approximately a million miles an hour, and roam the outfield like it’s nobody’s business.

With that said, he may need to add a sixth tool to his repertoire: professional anniversary celebrator/baby announcer.

In West Palm Beach, one half of a couple (Lauren) celebrating their two-year anniversary by going to Nats Spring Training was deliberating on how best to break the news to her husband (Will, an A1 name) that she was pregnant with their first child.

With sonogram in hand, Lauren hatched a scheme: catch Davey Martinez and have him hand off the photo to Harper, who would inform Will.

From Cut4’s piece:

”While [Will’s] distracted by [Harper signing an autograph for him], [Martinez] reaches over the fence to me where I secretly hand him a sonogram picture of our baby so he can hand it off to Bryce. After signing [the bat], Bryce looks at Will and says, ‘Happy Anniversary and congratulations by the way,’ and hands Will the picture. Will was just caught up in the moment and couldn’t process what was happening. Then it hits him, Will turns to me and with the most confused and excited look on his face says, ‘Really??!’”

“[I was] honestly just in complete shock,” Will said in a Twitter message.

“I was just ecstatic that Bryce signed my bat. It honestly took me a moment to process what was happening.”

Aforementioned bat, c/o of @EmberstoAsh
The happy couple, c/o @EmberstoAsh on Twitter

For Will, “overwhelmed in the best way possible” and “sensory overload” were the best ways to describe the situation. “I was conflicted with looking at my wife and looking at Bryce,” he continued.

Now, the couple has to think baby names. However, according to Will, there are two pretty obvious answers.

“We’ve talked about [names] before. Harper if it’s a girl for sure,” Will said. However, there’s still work to be done if they have a boy.

“[She wants] Logan if it’s a boy, still trying to swing her on Bryce,” he added. “I think now she might have to.”