Thursday at 1 is HIGH NOON for TOMMY MILONE

Tommy Milone starts Thursday March 15th ("The Ides Of March") at 1:05 Eastern against the Astros.

Stats in the race so far for the fifth starting rotation spot:

Milone ERA 0.0 8 Innings WHIP 0.5 SO 7

Fedde ERA 3.0 9 Innings WHIP 1.56 SO 6

Jackson ERA 3.0 9 Innings WHIP 1.22 SO 8

Cole ERA 5.4 5 Innings WHIP 1.6 SO 7

So far Milone has been depicted as "also running" and "a soft tosser" and "definitely headed for AAA to be used as a backup for injuries". If there were any articles, TV interviews, or any announcers mentioning him as a potential fifth starter other than "on the list" please attach a link below because I cannot find any.

Here are Some of Milone's stats from


2011 26 3.81 1.231 15

2012 190 3.74 1.279 137

2013 156.1 4.14 1.273 126

2014 118 4.19 1.398 75

2015 128.2 3.92 1.275 91

2016 69.1 5.71 1.529 49

2017 48.1 7.63 1.634 38

Does it look like to you that Milone is pitching like 2016-2017, or like 2011-2015? Or, even better than 2011-2015 with a strong defense behind him?

Do you think it would be a good idea, if Milone has a strong performance Thursday, to "Albers him" (send him to AAA anyway like Nats did last year with Matt Albers)? If so, why?

I've always thought, if someone is hot, PLAY THEM. I don't believe in "annointed" players who because of their salary or whatever else get to start.

I think it is clear who is winning and who is losing this race so far. And, as far as the fifth slot is concerned, I hope this playing field is level. Okay, anything might happen tomorrow, but for Milone, as the soccer announcer says, "THERE'S A CHANCE!" and it is up to Milone to step up and grab the bull by the horns. It was said in the movie Lawrence Of Arabia "For some people, Nothing Is Written". Play Ball!

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