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Here’s Nationals Park completely covered in snow...

Believe it or not, next Tuesday they’ll be playing baseball in this currently snow-covered ballpark...

C/o @Nationals on Twitter

The Nationals are fewer than eight days away from the beginning of their season, and fewer than six days away from playing an exhibition game against the Minnesota Twins on March 27th.

Granted, the season is starting early — but last year, March 27th was a balmy spring day, with a high of 76 degrees per Weather Underground.

This year, it could be a little chillier — and a little more snowy.

Roughly three inches of snow fell on downtown Washington, D.C., getting heavier to the east (i.e., around Nationals Park).

For context:

With a fluffy white blanket over the field, one has to imagine what baseball in the snow would look like. Hidden snowball trick? Snowman umps?

However, the good news is that the real season doesn’t start at Nationals Park — it starts in Cincinatti, against the Reds, at Great American Ballpark, which is almost assuredly okay, because Cincinatti and D.C. are in almost completely separate weather syste—