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Are these the Nationals Park 2018 MLB All-Star Game batting practice/HR derby uniforms?

Are these Washington Monument and Capitol Dome-themed AL and NL jerseys the ones MLB All-Stars will wear for batting practice and the HR Derby in Nationals Park this summer for the Midsummer Classic?

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, around this time, MLB the Show comes out with a brand new game – and typically, some cunning gamer finds a way to see the All Star Game uniforms that MLB has already decided on, but has embargoed inside of the game until an official announcement, when they become available.

However, in RBI Baseball 18, which dropped for XBOX One, PS4, PC, iOS, and Android this week, it appears that they’ve either taken some creative liberties — or the same policy doesn’t apply, and they’ve added the official uniforms into the game already.

From SportsGamingUniverse’s RBI stream from Thursday afternoon, and Reddit user Natstown:

The uniforms—which would only be worn for the Home Run Derby and for workouts or batting practice , as players wear their team uniforms during the game—look accurate enough, with script close to the new alternate uniforms the Nats introduced for the 2018 season, authentic patches on the sleeves, and Washington landmarks such as the Capitol Dome and the Washington Monument incorporated into the logos.

With that said, they are rather bland compared to the potential D.C. baseball history provides — a Senators/Grays matchup would have been much more enticing, if not less aesthetically pleasing than the middle-of-the-road blues and reds.

However, it’s also quite possible that the uniforms are just placeholders put in place by the developers — but given that MLB developed the game in-house this year, it would seem likely that they have it right.