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Here’s Nationals’ slugger Bryce Harper mashing two home runs in one game...

There he goes, doing those Bryce Harper things again...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper, in case you haven’t heard, has a fair amount of his future resting on this season. Like, $400 million dollars, if one was to put a number on it.

That said, to prove he’s worth such an obscene contract (the MLB economic system: it WORKS!), he does need to have one of the more stellar seasons of his career — think 2015, when he hit 42 home runs, drove in 99 runs, and was worth 9.5 fWAR.

He’s come close to that number in other years at periods, or for entire seasons until injury (think last year), but has still yet to put up that full season of dominance like he did in 2015, which would assumedly ensure his massive payday.

Today’s game in Cincinnati was a pretty good start towards that payday, wherever it may be, as he mashed not one, but two deep home runs against the Cincinnati Reds.

The first, which came in the top of the sixth inning, and also doubled as his first homer of the year, was a 92.5 MPH fastball that didn’t do too much, and came off his bat about seventeen miles an hour faster, landing in the glove of a talented fan about 397 feet away.

In the top of the ninth inning, with an “overrated” chant behind him, Harper came up against Raisel Iglesias, the Reds’ hard-throwing closer who left a 95.5 MPH sinker that didn’t have much sink to it in an, uh, less than ideal location.