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Washington Nationals’ Adam Eaton has left ankle bone bruise, DL stint likely + Victor Robles injury update...

Washington Nationals’ skipper Davey Martinez updated reporters on the injuries Adam Eaton and Victor Robles are dealing with right now...

MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Eaton was scratched from Tuesday night’s lineup, after he was initially included, with what the Washington Nationals described a “left ankle bone bruise,” but since the news did not break until after Davey Martinez met with the media, they didn’t address the injury with reporters until after the Nats’ 4-1 win over the Atlanta Braves.

Martinez spoke after the game about the latest revelations about the 29-year-old’s health.

Eaton has a bone contusion in his ankle,” the first-year skipper explained.

“He came in today and said he just felt bad, so we scratched him, he got an MRI, we’re waiting to hear back what’s going to happen, but he’s got a bad bone contusion in his ankle.”

The assumption is that Eaton, who suffered a full thickness ACL tear, a meniscus tear, and a high ankle sprain when he stumbled at first base running out a grounder last April, tweaked the ankle when he slid awkwardly into home in last Thursday’s home opener, but it’s all of a sudden not so clear when he actually bruised the bone and reinjured the ankle.

Martinez was asked if it did, in fact, happen on the play at the plate.

“He hurt it, next day he said he felt good, and then he said it started bothering him, so we want to be very, very cautious with him right now,” he said.

MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

“The slide is definitely the focal point,” Eaton said after Tuesday’s game, “but the way my leg bent or whatever happened, it doesn’t really give us the answer of how it happened, weirdly enough.”

“I don’t really know when it happened,” he added. “They make it sound like it’s kind of part of the process with this knee injury, is that you’re going to find chinks in the armor-type so to speak, and little cracks here and there and you’ve got to iron them out and get them right.”

So will he end up on the Disabled List?

“We’re going to reevaluate everything in the morning,” Martinez said. “We don’t really know where he’s at right now, but I know tomorrow they’re going to talk to the doctor and let me know what’s going on.”

“Bone bruises, I guess, I don’t know, it seems like they take a little longer,” Eaton said, “so I would expect that, but I’m not 100% sure of what their decisions will be. I’m not sure.”

While it would seem like a great opportunity to give top prospect Victor Robles some major league at bats, unfortunately, this happened on Monday:

Robles, 20, was in the nation’s capital on Tuesday to see the team doctors after he suffered an injury to his left arm on a diving play in center field in a game in Rochester, NY.

Martinez offered the latest update on the outfielder’s arm after the win.

“[Robles] has a hyperextension of his right elbow, and he’s really, really swollen, so they’re going to reevaluate him on Monday, when the swelling goes down,” Martinez said.

Martinez told reporters before last night’s game that he watched the video, or as much as he could take.

“I looked real quick and then turned my head. It wasn’t good,” he said, as quoted by MASN’s Byron Kerr.

So considering how bad it looked, a reporter asked, is a hyperextension a relatively good diagnosis?

“When you see the video it looks like — I thought he broke his elbow, but until the swelling goes down, they really can’t tell I don’t think what’s really going on,” Martinez said.

“But it is a hyperextension, so if you want to say that’s good news, he’ll be missed for sure, but hopefully it is good news.”