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Nationals’ star Bryce Harper double blow drying his hair is a Twitter Moment thanks to Bryan Harper

Bryan Harper caught his younger brother Bryce Harper in an unguarded moment in the Harper home, double blow drying his hair to perfection...

Footage via @BryanHarper45 on the Twitter.

Bryce Harper is probably thrilled that this is on social media. Only a brother can get away with something like this. Bryan Harper, a left-handed pitcher in the minor leagues with the Washington Nationals, caught his younger, soon-to-be even more fabulously wealthy brother double blow drying his much-talked-about hair on camera and posted it on Twitter to the delight of hair, blow drying, and baseball fans everywhere.

A few notes if we can, please:

1. Good form, Bryce.

2. Wow, that bathroom is super nice. I mean, really nice. Ambidextrous hair-drying is a skill that Scott Boras should include in his binder when you hit free agency next winter.

3. Seriously, only a brother could get away with this sort of thing... and only the Harper brothers can get away with these suits... I kid, I kid:

The Giving Back Fund's Big Game Big Give - Arrivals Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for The Giving Back Fund

4. If Bryce’s reaction to being filmed is not genuine brother vs brother anger, he has a career as an actor in his future.

5. Seriously, did you see that bathroom?

6. That bathroom is super-nice.

7. But that bathroom.

See for yourself, and thank Bryan on twitter @BryanHarper45 for sharing this fantastic footage of that absolutely fabulous bathroom... and his brother.