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Wire Taps: Ryan Zimmerman is a black hole behind Bryce Harper; Brian Goodwin to DL; Gio Gonzalez continues Citi Field dominance...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of the series finale with the Mets in Citi Field.

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Hey, that was fun! Can we do that again?

Here’s the beat from New York:

The Nationals have had plenty of "miracle wins" before
Picture this: Struggling team. Down to the Mets. For once, the balls fell where the fielders weren't. But that's not a style of baseball that puts away teams down the stretch — that's a style of play that helps you win every now and then.

The Washington Nationals have a black hole batting behind Bryce Harper
League average OPS: .718. Ryan Zimmerman's: .390. Bryce Harper's walk rate: 27%. Anyone getting the deal yet? The peripherals suggest that Zim is bound to pick up some time, and the Nats had been fairly unlucky overall before Monday, so maybe all hope isn't lost.

Gio Gonzalez continues success at Citi Field
Gio Gonzalez, somehow, is better at Citi Field than anywhere else, with a 1.78 career ERA. He blames LaGuardia airport.

Nationals' Victor Robles doesn't need surgery, expected to return this season
There are no tears, just a hyperextension. It probably delays Robles' arrival date for another season, or at least another few months, but it's significantly better news than surgery.

Maybe New York Mets don't have 'it' after all
The Mets enjoyed a miraculous first two weeks. Then, suddenly, it all came crashing down in a night, as the Mets were misplaced, and the Nats somehow took advantage. All of which is to say: It's too early to say anything.

The Mets Previewed A Dark, Mets-y Future Monday Night
It was the best of times! Until, uh, it was not the best of times, and it became the worst of times for the Mets.

Brian Goodwin goes on 10-day disabled list
"If they had a five-day DL, I'd go on that," Goodwin told reporters. Nonetheless, Anthony Rendon is convinced that he'll be back soon enough for the Nats not to regret putting him on the 10-day.

Goodwin to disabled list; Rendon makes progress with injury
Anthony Rendon got the blood drained from his toe, and said that he was going to try and run yesterday.

Martinez doesn't want Zimmerman to "tinker" with swing despite .111 avg.
Davey Martinez has stuck to Zimmerman in the cleanup spot, despite a .111 average and a plethora of failures with RISP, believing that his exit velocity will catch up to his batting average (or vice versa) eventually.

Today’s Game: Nationals vs. Mets — 7:10 PM
Probable Pitchers: Tanner Roark vs. Steven Matz