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Watch: Adam Eaton has insane weekend; Washington Nationals sweep in Cincinnati...

Adam Eaton was apparently excited to get back on the field a little shy of a year after he suffered a devastating knee injury...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Eaton has been waiting for this weekend for a long, long time — about eleven months, to be exact.

On Opening Day, he kept it simple: a single, a run, a put-out in the outfield were all he needed to deem his first game back a success.

However, on Saturday, he turned on the jets.

It began inauspiciously enough, with a single to lead off the game, just as he had done the day before, then scoring on Matt Adams’ home run. His next at-bat, a double over the centerfielder’s head that one-hopped the wall. After that, another double, which likely would’ve been a triple had Eaton not been conscious of his knee. The next, a home run, followed by a single.

In total: 5-5 with four runs, three RBI, and a homer. All in front of his family and friends from Springfield, Ohio.

The next day, Dave Martinez had a choice regarding playing him in back-to-back-to-back games, a major hurdle for players overcoming a lower body injury.

Eaton, apparently, made the decision for him.

However, getting revved up for the next game took some work. He described his preparation:

“Brutal,” Eaton told Mark Zuckerman of MASN. “Honestly. It takes a lot to get ready. But once we’re ready ... once you get hot, I can stay hot. But it takes a good hour-and-a-half to get going and get loose.”

Nonetheless, it didn’t seem to deter him from succeeding yet again today, as he hit (yet another) leadoff single, scored two runs... and hit another home run.

Currently, Adam Eaton’s OPS is at 2.153, with an absolutely absurd .833 BABIP. In comparison, peak-steroid (allegedly) Barry Bonds’ OPS sat at 1.422 in 2004.

Yes, this is the definition of fun with small sample sizes. But over the past three games, Eaton has been worth 0.4 fWAR — in other words, his three game outburst has been no joke.